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Welcome to Public Health Perspective Online Newsletter
***PHP Team wishes its subscribers, campus liaisons, advisoires and well wishers a delightful and a HAPPY TIHAR. HAVE A HEALTHY TIME.***

Public Health Perspective (PHP) is the first online public health newsletter of Nepal. It is a monthly newsletter published online through the Banstola Medical Hall website.  The newsletter provides information about public health events, health policy, global health issues, and epidemiologic investigations, among others.

PHP believes every person has the capacity to contribute to solving community health problems. PHP therefore encourages people to actively participate in public health by voicing their innovative ideas. It does this by:

  • providing a place to share ideas about program planning and solutions that will assist in changing policies;

  • seeking to increase the professional development of young and energetic public health novices;

  • ensuring the continued involvement of public health experts in general; and

  • providing a focus for health news and public health events.

PHP has nine sections broken down as editorial, letters to the editor, national news, global health, featured articles, journal watch, WHO publications, advertisements (seminars, workshops, conferences, book releases etc.), and being healthy. It is envisaged that issues such as national and global health and health policy, disease outbreaks, epidemiological investigations and health interventions, medicines, laboratory sciences, the environment and health rights will be covered.

In Nepal, the culture of documenting and reporting by the health sector is very poor despite the large time commitments of health professionals. PHP provides a forum for individuals to not only share information but also experiences, ideas, solutions, and success stories that can help with policy change, program planning, and future research.

In addition, the newsletter aims to increase the professional development of public health students, as well as provide a platform for seasoned public health professionals to share their expertise. The PHP team believes that it will be a revolutionary newsletter in the field of public health in Nepal.

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PHP is entirely free. We look forward to you reading and contributing to the newsletter!

You can submit your articles by clicking the CALL FOR ARTICLES link. 


We are seeking articles for the October Issue of PHP.The deadline is 18th October 2011.Articles could be on any topic of public health importance read more...


Being a campus liaison for PHP is a great way to demonstrate the team work ability with the professional development as campus liaiso names and their colleges are mentioned in every issue of PHP.

If you need additional information about the campus liaison and interested in participating as a Campus Liaison for the PHP, please contact


PHP is proud to be listed in Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) website at National Journals section.


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